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Travel to Bali

Plan on Travel to Bali your way to the island of the Gods. Enter the most mysterious temples and enjoy nature in its wildest state. Realize your dream and travel to the best island in the Pacific


In ViajareaBali you will find everything you need to enjoy your holidays, advising you on the best hotels in the area, excursions, transport facilities, and the best travel insurance to live a unique experience. On this island you will be surrounded by endless nature and its exciting culture, reflected in an enormous number of temples and celebrations. Bali, the island of the Gods, will show you why it is considered one of the most desired destinations for adventurers and travelers.

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Cities and towns in Bali

We recommend the most important cities and towns that you cannot miss, as well as hotels and excursions in the area, providing you with reviews, prices and features so that you always make the right decision. We will advise you on some of the places you should visit on your way to Bali, such as the Pura Besakih, Ubud, Luhur Uluwatu or the Agung volcano. Bali will never stop surprising you with all the activities you can do during your trip, although we always recommend having a good tourist guide to enjoy 100% of this spectacular island.

Beaches of Bali

We recommend the most amazing beaches you can’t miss. Take a look at our diving programs. The beaches of Bali are another of the most important tourist sites of the island. Many people prefer a more coastal tourism as you have different options to visit. One of the best known is Pantai Lovina beach where the sand is black, there are coral reefs and you can find dolphins. Another of the best known places is Kuta, which is full of surfers because of its big and long waves. Finally, we recommend Jimbaran, a fishing village where you can see beautiful sunsets while lying on the sand. In this section we will show you the best beaches of Bali.

Temples of Bali

Bali is known by another name, the Island of the Gods, because of its multitude of temples. That is why we recommend that you accompany your trip with a tourist guide so that you do not miss any corners. Previously we have already mentioned some of the most famous temples such as Ulum Danu, but Bali is full of them. The deep-rooted religion makes them have so many throughout the island. One of the most surprising is the Taman Ayun temple, which is located in the middle of the city of Sobangan. We must also talk about the Tanah Lot, which you must walk through the water until you reach it, it is one of the most beautiful of the whole place. In Viajaré a Bali we will show you the most spectacular ones.

Volcanoes of Bali

Get to know the innumerable volcanoes the island has to offer, but don’t forget to take out your travel insurance for emergencies. Bali is characterized by three volcanoes, two of which are not dangerous in the long term, we talk about Bratan which is surrounded by three lakes. The other one is Batur, which had an eruption at the beginning of the century, but since then has not given any sign of being activated again. But the best known of all is Mount Agung, which is the most famous to have erupted a few months ago.

Travel Bali

Traveling to Bali is a life-changing experience, people who visit it end up being amazed not only by nature, but by its great culture and volcanoes, as well as its fabulous temples where you will see people going on pilgrimage. But also for its paradisiacal beaches, where you will spend several hours contemplating the tranquility of the waves moving while you are lying down. In addition, its inhabitants have a very friendly personality and will always try to help you at all times to give a good image of the island to tourists, you can enjoy the nightlife, which is one of the most famous in the Indian islands.
So you can enjoy this island like no other, in Bali will provide the best tickets to travel to Bali at the best price..

Tourism guide Bali

To visit Bali you must know the main sites you should visit so you don’t miss any important places. That is why it is necessary to have a tour guide always at hand, since you can suffer from low coverage. In I will travel to Bali we recommend you the best guides of physical tourism in our section of books and guides. Or subscribe to our Newsletter to receive our guide and travel tips on your mobile.
Whether you are planning to travel around the island with a plan or if you decide to live the backpacking adventure, we recommend that you always carry our travel guide with you.

Ciudad Bedugul

Bedugul is the mountainous center of Bali, among the highlights are the Buyan, Tambligan and Bratan lakes, surrounded by several botanical gardens. Lake Bratan is the second largest on the island, and is home to one of the most famous temples, the Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, which is located on a small island that you can access by boat. You can also see this temple on the 50,000 IDR tickets.

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Ciudad Denpasar

Denpasar is the capital of Bali and the main gateway to the island. In the center of the city is the temple of Pura Agung Jagatnatha, one of the most beautiful you can visit. Another place on the island is the Negeri Provinsi Museum which houses the oldest pieces in Bali, and you can see some of the best views of the city. The beach is also close by so you can take a relaxing dip.

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Penataran Lempuyang
Penataran Lempuyang

Penataran Lempuyang is one of the most photographed and visited places on the island. It is located between one of the nine main temples of Bali, of great relevance for the Balinese and one of the oldest. It is a complex of seven temples, the main entrance offers impressive views of Mount Agung, surrounded by green landscapes, where tourists and Balinese create a very pleasant atmosphere.

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Bosque De Los Monos
Monkey forest

The monkey forest is located in the heart of Ubud, is a large nature reserve that houses 27 hectares of land. In this place you can find several temples and a cemetery surrounded by immense vegetation, and everything is guarded by the whole community of monkeys. It is the star excursion, forming the natural habitat of the long-tailed monkey, housing around 600 monkeys belonging to four different groups. During the tour you will be able to observe them, and there are also 186 species of plants.

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Hotels in Bali

In this section we will recommend you the best hotels in Bali, making it easier for you to search according to your needs. In Bali you can find from places where the price can exceed 200 euros as for less than 50 euros. Therefore, if you go with a tighter budget you will be able to sleep peacefully, since you will not be left without a place to stay. Many of these places offer Wi-Fi and breakfast, something that is always appreciated. Below we show you the best hotels on the island.

Insurance for Bali

One of the things you should always take with you when you travel to a destination is travel insurance, and in this case more specifically. This is because health is one of the least strong points on the island, so we ALWAYS recommend travelling with your travel insurance. The best place to do this is IATI, a company that has been offering one of the best insurance services on the market since 1885. Their offer is very good because they give you all kinds of different packages so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. In addition, they have a service for different places in the world. With this insurance page, if you go for two weeks to the Island of the Gods the estimated price of the basic package is 42.82 euros. Something very cheap regarding the problems you can avoid if you don’t have it. The service offered is medical assistance, repatriation, transport of the sick or coverage in case of theft. If you want to see all the packs, we recommend that you visit our section.

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Excursions in Bali

To visit Bali you have two options, go at your own risk, or book the excursions we have highlighted of the island. Some of these are to visit some of the traditional villages of Bali, diving, make a trip on a quad, rafting or a visit to the most famous temples of the island. The prices for this type of excursions are quite cheap. Below we show you the highlights.

Diving in Bali

One of the most demanded activities in Bali is diving, and that is why we are going to recommend you which are the best places to do this activity. If you want to see manta rays you should go to Manta Point which is located in the southern part of Nusa Penida, one of the secondary islands of Bali. It consists of a slope with a beautiful coral and no current that makes it an easy dive site. The highlight of this dive site is the manta rays. The best opportunities to see them are from March to June.
Another place you should visit if you like diving is Gili Selang North, which is located on the east side of the island. The place is full of surprises, but you have to be careful because it is not an easy place as the currents are complicated and can take you to the open sea. It’s a good dive site to see larger sharks like the gray reef shark and sometimes the famous hammerhead shark. In the same place you will find beautiful coral reefs while diving.

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Rent a car in Bali

When renting a means of transport in Bali, the best thing is a car. The other alternatives that are to take a taxi or to rent a motorbike are more difficult, but above all more expensive. Choosing a car allows you to move freely around the island without waiting.
As it is a very requested service on the island, you will not have any problem when looking for a place that offers it. The place where you will find a greater number of rental places is at the airport, something ideal if you are going to start your journey at the same time as going down the stairs of the plane.
Renting a car for a week in Bali can cost you around 165 euros, a very cheap price compared to the other offers in the car rental market. In this section we select the cheapest car rental company in the market.

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Books and guides for Bali

If you want to know more about Bali, its culture, landscapes or routes we recommend you buy a book about the island. There are many writings about it, you will be able to find from parts of the history of the place, how the most known temples will be created nowadays or which are the best routes to do the visit. In addition, you can consult the many guides on the island, which give you more information about places to visit and at what times of year. Therefore, having any kind of information is always welcome before making the trip to Bali.

Visa to Bali

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The visa is another element you must have if you are going to Bali. For this you must first think about how many days you are going because depending on the time you are away you may need a visa or not. If your option is to stay less than 30 days in Indonesia you don’t have to ask for it, only your passport would be needed.
If you are going to stay more than a month you must ask for it, the process is a little deep, but it is summarized in having the electronic passport, the return ticket and having money to pay the fee that costs a total of 35 euros. If you are going to stay more than two months you should ask for an application to the Indonesian Embassy in Spain. Therefore, before you go to the island it is preferable to see if you have the papers in order not to have any problem when traveling there or already located in Bali.

Visa to Bali

Leisure in Bali

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Leisure in Bali is very varied as it is an island that has different types of styles. If you liked the sea and surfing waves you will find many places where you can enjoy sunbathing or surfing the waves. The best places are Manta Point where you will see the stingrays, Pantai Lovina to enjoy its black sand or Kuta which is full of surfers. You can also go to Ayung River and enjoy some time while rafting with a kayak. Another option is Telaga Waja, a very popular place for rafting activities. One of the best times to visit it is at sunset and sunrise, and especially if there are clouds, which can be seen at the bottom and show a spectacular landscape. Surely, one of the best places to relax on the island. To finish the nightlife is another of the highlights of Bali. There are many clubs and bars to spend the night, this is due to the large number of tourists who in addition to enjoying excursions, also want to spend a night out.

Leisure in Bali

Transportation in Bali

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To visit all these places you need a means of transport to get around the island. The public transport is the buses or the Dokar, in this case it is better to choose the buses, although you can be very tight, you will take much less time to the destination you choose. But the quickest way is to rent a car, something offered by different companies at a good price. This would be the way to travel all you want without having to suffer unnecessary waits or detours. It is a service that you will easily find at the exit of the airport, because thousands of tourists rent these vehicles for weeks. Even so, you can also find taxis, but these can be more expensive in the long run than the other means. But at the same time they will know the best shortcuts and will guide you without you getting lost along the way.

Rent a car

Weather in Bali

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Another of the elements necessary to travel to Bali is its climate. There are two great periods to visit the island, the first is the summer which is the dry stay and where you will find hardly rain, but at the same time is when more people visit and prices increase. During the dry season, which is between April and September, the beaches Bali are generally clean and shows its more beautiful side. You can still expect occasional rain, although sometimes even locals are surprised at how dry a week can be during the rainy season and vice versa. The rest of the year, caused by the start of the rainy season and coupled with the heat, makes people visit this island less, but as in everything has a good part that is that prices are much cheaper. What makes it perfect for a person who does not want many people in the visits and wants a greater tranquility.

Weather of Bali

Food in Bali

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Whenever you are on a trip you should try the food of the places to have a better connection with the place you are. That is why we are going to recommend you some of the typical dishes of the Balinese cuisine. The best known is the Babi Guling which is made up of different parts of the pig, accompanied by chilli, rice and vegetables, something that makes it one of the most traditional foods.
Lawar is another dish made up of rice accompanied by beans, coconut and different meats. Other highlights are the Gado Gado, Stay, Mie Goreng or Bakso, which makes Bali an island with a wide variety of foods.
Do not worry about the places where you can find it, in almost any restaurant on the island you will find it. In the end it is their own culture and they want to show it to visitors so that they will be delighted and come back on future occasions.

Food in Bali

Drink in Bali

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Besides eating you must also drink, and in Bali there are some types of drinks that are typical of the place. The first of these is an alcoholic drink called Arak Madu which is made up of local alcohol with water, lemon and honey. It should be noted that they are characterized by fruit juices which are very refreshing to the visitor. If you prefer a hot drink we recommend the Bajigur, which is made of coconut milk, ginger, sand and sugar. And to finish we can mention other types of liquids such as Teh Botol, Jahe Telor or Bali Hair Bir.

Drinks in Bali

Nightlife in Bali

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Bali is also known for its nightlife. You can see tourists from different parts of the world, in an atmosphere full of fun. Besides, to enter the places many times you don’t have to pay much and if you do they won’t exceed 20 euros. Some of the best known places are SkyGarden, Bounty or Jenja among others. Another night activity is the concerts which are attended by many famous DJs of the current scene. But if your thing is not so much to go out and party but to have a drink with your friends, there is no problem, you can find lots of bars on the roads. For many it is the best option to get out of the noise of the cities and to be able to talk quietly with your fellow travellers.

Nightlife Bali

Security in Bali

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Security in Bali depends on many factors, as natural disasters can occur, although it is one of the places in Indonesia where they occur least. But in general it is a fairly quiet island, you are not going to find situations where you are going to be robbed or feel unsafe.
The population is generally very friendly and what they want is to help you and give you a good image of the place so that you can come back on other occasions. But you must also be careful with the pickpockets, who try to take advantage of the tourists to steal their wallets. Therefore, be sure to locate the money well and leave a part of it somewhere else in case you are robbed so that you can continue with your trip. You also have to watch out for scammers, who will try to sell you their products for a higher price, look at the same product in different places and compare so that it is cheaper for you.

Safety in Bali

Health in Bali

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Health in Bali is as good as any kind of Indian island. If it is true that if something happens to you, surely you do not have all the tools, but that is why it is advisable to have travel insurance in case of any accident. It is important that before going, you go to the vaccination center in your city to know if you should have any on your trip.
Make sure all medications are packed in their original containers, clearly labeled. A letter signed and dated by your doctor describing your medical conditions and medications is also a good idea.

Health in Bali

Map of Bali

Bali is not one of Indonesia’s largest islands, its map is barely 5561 square km, making it the fifteenth largest island in the country. Being so small, it’s also much more mobile and shortening distances. This means that you don’t have to worry if you won’t be able to visit somewhere that is further away, because if you have a good organization you will have time for everything.

Tourism in Bali Blog for free

If you want to travel alone in Bali in the form of a backpacker, we recommend a series of activities that you should do. The first one is to visit the most iconic places of the island, like the volcanoes, the temples or the paradisiacal beaches. Then you should eat the typical food of the island to have a better experience and try to meet the people so they can tell you a little bit about Bali. As a good backpacker you have to make some route through the woods to see the huge landscape full of vegetation.