Rafting Bali

The holidays are the ideal moment to do all those activities that we don\’t do during the year, either because our environment doesn\’t make it easy, because we don\’t have enough time or simply because we don\’t feel like it.

If you are this kind of person, this Indonesian island is special for you, because you have a huge amount of activities to practice, those that are in contact with nature, those related to the sea, like diving, surfing or snorkeling, to mention some of them. But, thanks to its wide natural offer, it is also possible to do rafting in Bali.

Rafting, as you surely know, consists of going down whitewater rivers, in the direction of the current, on board of inflatable boats. However, does have its tricks and it is necessary to take some precautions, in addition this activity can be carried out in family or in group. Unlike diving or surfing that for some people can be a little more intimidating and is very but very amusing.

Rafting in Bali

If you want rafting in Bali , I will only leave you some recommendations:

  • Although it is an ideal activity to do with your family, some companies limit the age for safety reasons, excluding children under 6 and over 65, however, this may vary, so if there are people in your group who are left out, check with different companies first.
  • Not recommended for pregnant women, people with heart problems or back problems.
  • Not wheelchair accessible.
  • If the weather is too windy, the river is overflowing, or the weather conditions can affect the integrity of the people, the activity can be cancelled.
  • Similarly, as this is a large group activity, if you do not reach the desired quota, it is also possible that it will be cancelled.
  • If you are alone, better find a companion, the lonely adventurers usually have a higher rate.
  • The activity can take a few hours so plan ahead.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, keep in mind that you will most likely end up soaking wet from head to toe.

    Bali Rivers

    This Indonesian island, which covers an area of over 5,500 m2, is crossed by a large number of rivers However, not all are suitable for rafting There are three rivers in Bali that are ideal for this activity:

    • Ayung River It starts in the north in the mountain ranges, crosses several regencies including the capital Denpasar and flows into the Badung Strait.
    • Telaga Waja River is located in the eastern part of the island, mainly in the Rendang region, and is the second longest after Ayung.
    • Melangit River. Located west of Klungkung and in the eastern part of Gianyar Regency, about an hour from Denpasar.

    These three rivers are ideal for rafting, although they differ in difficulty, while Ayung and Telaga Waja are less difficult. Whichever one you choose, will give you a good time, making a fun activity and in contact with a fabulous landscape. If you are in the central or southern part of the island, near Ubud, the ideal is the Ayung river, while if you are in the Amed area, the Telaga Waja is closer.

    Bali Rafting adventure

    If you liked the plan and want to experience what it feels like this » Bali rafting adventure». We leave you below some options so you can read a little more, to see if any of them will convince you. Actually, all of them are quite similar in terms of service, most of them offer a package that includes the transfer from some particular place . In addition, the activity is with all the indispensable for its development (like the guide and the security elements) and a lunch or a meal. All this depending on the time of the day in which you make the excursion.

    Remember that the activity can last from 3 hours onwards and the more people the better price you can get, in fact, in many places, if you go «alone» you may end up paying double. This option, as its name indicates, is for the Ayung River, in this case, they offer different packages, with transportation included, not included or shared.

  • Get Your Guide.- This company offers excursions on the Telaga Waja River, with a duration of 6 hours and on the Ubud River, with a duration of 3 hours.
  • Bali River Rafting.- This company offers the possibility of rafting on any of the three rivers, you can choose the one that best suits you.

Surely on the internet you will find many more options, and prices are very good.so take advantage and enjoy an incredible ride on a river in Bali.

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