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Airbnb is a company dedicated to offer tourist accommodations and to individuals for this purpose it uses a software platform, through which people can contract and advertise the rental of their properties. Airbnb in Bali, makes available to the users of very beautiful places for rent, comfortable, spacious, with beautiful views to the rice fields and the best temples, in addition organizes your stay.

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The 5 best places with Airbnb in Bali

The 5 best places with Airbnb in Bali , are the following:

➡ ️ Bamboo tree house. Magic and modern and magical, is very close to the center of Ubud. To stay in this place is to wake up with a picture of green rice fields.

➡ ️ Sradha Villa. It is located in the emerald green rice fields, and surrounded by beautiful vegetation. 5 minutes from the center of Ubud.

➡ ️ The Moksha. Located in the center of a rice field, it is a place with spacious rooms and a swimming pool with a beautiful view of the rice field. It is 7 minutes from the market of Ubud.

➡ ️ Ruma Jepun , This place is decorated with many statues showing the tradition and culture of Ubud. Accommodation will be in comfortable bedrooms with private balconies to enjoy the sounds of the river and the Balinese landscape.

➡ ️ Satori Villa It is a place where comfort and tranquility are balanced, thanks to its location on the outskirts of the city and 15 minutes walk from Ubud .

Airbnb Ubud

The city of Ubud is a quiet village, surrounded by extensive rice fields and a variety of museums, historical temples and many galleries. Airbnb Ubud has beautiful places to stay surrounded by nature.

Airbnb of Ubud organize a series of walks through the rice terraces, the sanctuary of the sacred monkey forest, Goa Gajah or the Elephant Cave.

This quiet village, which has ideal places for meditation, practice yoga and relax.

Airbnb Kuta

Kuta is the most touristy city in Bali, has resorts and hotels near the beach. Airbnb of Kuta offers its customers this area, you can enjoy the sun, the beach, many surfers, shopping centers and full of tourists.

In Kuta you can enjoy a pleasant beach atmosphere and many parties , for this reason Airbnb offers this place to travelers who like the beach and parties.perfect for enjoy the sea and sun.

Airbnb offers to stay in hotels with all services, comfortable and convenient, with a pleasant family atmosphere.

Airbnb Sanur Bali

To enjoy the beach but with a calm, bohemian and relaxed atmosphere, ideal to spend a day of vacations for it the recommendation of Airbnb is Sanur Bali , a coastal town to the east of Denpasar to the southeast of Bali.

Sanur is a village with narrow streets, very close to the sea, very quiet, has a pedestrian promenade, where you can enjoy the best restaurant and accommodation Its beaches are very quiet with a beautiful golden sand ideal for relaxing

In this village you can enjoy a walk or a bike ride on its promenade for admire the beauty of the sea.

Airbnb Seminyak Bali

For vacationers to enjoy beautiful beaches and a surprising sunset, the recommendation of Airbnb is Seminyak Bali , a tourist area of many beaches located at the southern tip of Bali, where there are spas, villas and luxury hotels.

This area is recommended by Airbnb because it is perfect for a vacation, has elegant clubs and bars, luxury shops and restaurants, also on its beaches you can enjoy the sea, a very fine gray sand where you can surf and see the most beautiful sunset.

In this place you can enjoy the tranquility or music, visit their shops, galleries and tasting.

Airbnb Uluwatu Bali

For travelers who like to relax, rest and meditate the recommendation of Airbnb Uluwatu in Bali, is located in the peninsula of Bukit. It has beautiful beaches, is an area with a quiet atmosphere and ideal for surfing, also has many places to visit.

To stay there are many places where they are received by very nice people and always have a smile, so are all the people of this wonderful island, to move around this area is best done with a bike, for this there are many places where they rent.

Airbnb with swimming pool in Bali

Airbnb with swimming pool in Bali , offers beautiful apartments for the exclusive use of the travelers, only for your group, they have all the services, are very luxurious, comfortable and safe, there is always a person to receive them and that can organize your stay in the island.

The hotels that Airbnb offers have swimming pools for children and adults, they also have steam saunas, thermal and dry, also has beautiful gardens, gym, restaurants, playground, parking, security, concierge throughout the day.

This type of accommodation is ideal for holidays with children, when you want to rest and get away from the noise of the city.

Bungalow Airbnb Bali

To stay in Bungalow Airbnb Bali , offers vacationers the best areas, located near the beach and a few miles from downtown. have access to restaurants, natural pools, security personnel throughout the day, wifi service and all amenities.

The bungalows have the best services to feel comfortable, with spacious rooms, with beautiful decorations Balinese style. The great majority of these are in Ubud, ideal to spend a vacation of several days, since they have closets, air conditioning, and bathrooms with shower.

These places have a beautiful view and are a great comfort.

Villas Airbnb Bali

Villas Airbnb Bali, have available for travelers beautiful villas with very elegant decorations to the Balinese style. They have access to the main avenues of the city, all services to enjoy and rest and also has many places to visit.

They are beautiful places surrounded by nature, with natural pool, are usually a few minutes from the city and are attended by very friendly people. They are always willing to help and with a nice smile, they are comfortable, safe and convenient.

To spend some nice days and resting consult with Airbnb.They will recommend the best for you and what fits what you are looking for and budget.

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